Great Mexican Food

Various Mexican Dishes

Mexico has long been one of the most loved holiday destinations. Most sun and food lovers like this destination a lot because of their great food choices. If you are thinking of visiting Mexico, ensure you sample some of the great Mexican food the country has to offer.

Below is a list of the same:
This is a traditional Mexican breakfast dish. This dish involves fried corn tortillas which are lightly fried. They are then topped with green salsa after being cut into quarters. It is also topped with Pulled chicken and fried eggs. They are normally served with frijoles.

It is made from hominy corn and a lot of herbs as well as spices. It normally prepared by stewing it for hours, preferably overnight. When it is already ready to serve, then radish, lime, lettuce, and chili are normally sprinkled over it.

Great Mexican Food

Tacos al pastor
This is one of the most loved tacos varieties. Its preparation involves cutting into thin strips and placed on a corn tortilla. After its preparation, it should be served with pineapple, onions, and coriander leaves.

Elote is the Mexican name for corns. It is sold in almost every city in Mexico. The corn is traditionally boiled and served in cups or a stick. It is served with additions of cheese, salt, lime, chili powder, sour cream, and mayonnaise.

This is a dish which is very popular in Mexico. There are several mole types, and each of them involves 20 to more ingredients. And these ingredients need one or more types of chilies. While preparing, constant stirring is required.

This is also a great Mexican food you shouldn’t miss out on when you visit Mexico. It is Avery delicious dish which involves corn tortillas that are boiled in oil till it becomes golden and crunchy.
Why not visit Mexico today and enjoy these great dishes.